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I love you, Everything Burrito

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6 August 1979

I'm not around, I'm sorry, but I still love you. ♥
80s music, adventure time, alphonse mucha, animaniacs, army of darkness, art history, back to the future, better off dead's squid, boning zachary levi, brett erlich, british comedy, bruce campbell's epic chin, bubble boy, c is for cookie, capslock wut, castle the tv show, charles carmichael, cheesetastic syfy flicks, chuck, classic cars, cuddles and squishes, current tv, dancing badly but endearingly, david bowie's area, dean forester aka bestboyfriendever, delicious flavor, depeche mode, dimples, diners, discworld, doctor who, doug jones, eddie izzard, edgar allan poe, elves, elvis presley, england, epic sarcasm, etymology, firefly, flight of the conchords, forensics, fraggle rock, geeks, ghosts, going to hell, good omens, greek mythology, grilled cheese, halloween, harry bone me styles, harry potter, high spirits, his dark materials, horror movies funtimes, hugging james roday, hugging zachary levi, indiana jones marry me, interpol, jack the ripper, jake jillybeanhall's laugh, james mcavoy's bootyful eyes, james roday's awesome nose, jane austen, jared padalecki's emoting fivehead, jensen ackles fml, jigging at concerts, john cusack's worrisome expression, johnny cash, joy division, kings of leon, knights templar, kurt vonnegut, labyrinth, larry stylinson, led zeppelin, leeyum, liam's puppy eyes, lord byron, lord of the rings, louis tomlinson i hateloveyou, lumpy space princess, macgyver, macgyver my cat, monty python's flying circus, mst3k, muppets, museums, mustaches, mythology, nathan fillion's smirk, nevvie, nine inch nails, omfgiamsoinsqueeoverzachlevihalp, one direction aka life-ruiners, orlando bloom's mop'o'hair, oscar wilde's velvet outfits, overuse of semi-colons, people-watching-with-snarky-commentary, pie fuck yeah!, poetry, poignant tattoos, pride and prejudice, procrastinating about procrastinating, psych the tv show, pushing daisies, queen louis bitchface tomlinson, radiohead, reading, really old converse shoes, richard castle, rifftrax, rob pattinson's adorabibble awkwardness, robert downey jr, robot chicken, rocky horror picture show, roday's glorious nommable neck, sean patrick fucking flanery, sexy manly scars, shakespeare, sherlock holmes, shia labeef, shiny!1!!, shy smiles, sideburns are always relevant, sitting in bono's car, sleeping beauty, spaceballs, sparkly eyeshadow, spelling macgyver correctly, squeeshing cheekies, star trek, tea, the 10th kingdom, the last unicorn, the national, the princess bride, the venture brothers, true blood, u2, viral video film school, w.b. yeats, we are scientists, weird al yankovic, willow, zachary levi's nommable face, zoolander

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